Friday, 9 July 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude!

An Attitude of Gratitude:
There’s a world of difference between having an attitude of gratitude and being grateful because someone has told you to be grateful! Being told can make you feel resentful because you’re being treated as if you don’t know how to be grateful.
But maybe that’s because your attitude doesn’t reflect how you feel inside.
Low self esteem!
The inability to speak out may mask your true feelings. Your face and body language will show your insecurities however grateful you may be feeling.
So it would be good to grow an attitude of gratitude wouldn’t it. It will also have the knock on effect of you growing your self esteem and confidence. All steps towards Powerful Positive Living.
First of all you have to ask yourself if you are grateful for your life or whether you moan about this and that because you can. Is your glass half empty or is it half full? Do you appreciate your life and see your problems or misfortunes as learning/growth opportunities? What do you take for granted?
Count your blessings and list all the things in your life you are happy with. Go back to this list as often as you like... I recommend daily! Add to it as you remember new events or things. This will also have the blessing of reminding your subconscious mind that you have much to be grateful for. Gradually your glass will be half full and over time will start to overflow.
You are growing the ability to focus on what is going well in your life. Grow the habit of sending thank you notes or letters…. Even to yourself. Learn to say ‘thank you’ in person. Each action is another step towards changing your attitude and developing an attitude of gratitude.
Learn to look for ways to show how much you appreciate what others are doing or have done for you.
Besides making their day you will have the added bonus of feeling great. This will show on the outside as well as on the inside. You will probably be smiling more often and you may not even realise it.
Your attitude of gratitude will grow your happiness by leaps and bounds. Your resilience to what this game we like to call ‘life’ throws at you, will be stronger because deep inside you will know just how blessed your life is no matter what is going on around you.
And my friends that is something to be truly grateful for.

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