Friday, 11 February 2011

Get Motivated- Great Britain tickets are on sale now for only £4.99 plus VAT & Booking Fee!

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GET MOTIVATED Great Britain 2011- Has been created to bring together people from all walks of life for one spectacular day of inspiration, rejuvenation, education and motivation. It does not matter where you come from, whether you attend this event as a Managing Director or a stay at home mum, as a business owner or an employee, as a student or an educator. What does matter is that you grab this opportunity to explore options for improving every major area of your life, business and your career.

GET MOTIVATED Great Britain will feature the World's foremost success experts in career, finance, health, fitness, time management and personal development. These outstanding leaders, thinkers, visionaries, educators and life coaches will share their amazing life stories, their secrets, strategies for success.

This may be just what you’re looking for to ignite that inner passion in yourself and others, energizing you to sharpen your business skills, achieve your dreams, plans & goals, increase your income and improve your prospects. This event will initiate that first step toward powerful change...

For further details you can download the full programme here.

Zig Ziglar – Don’t miss the masterful Zig Ziglar as he shares for the last time ever in Great Britain ‘Live' From Dallas Texas, life changing wisdom, motivation, techniques and insights. The World’s Number ONE Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer & Life Coach who has transformed tens of millions of lives around the globe with his secrets to success.

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Special Guest Speakers:

Zig Ziglar – Worlds #1 Motivational Speaker & Trainer
Andy T. Hansen - The UK's #1 Motivator & Sales Trainer
Morris Goodman aka The Miracle Man
Adrian Webster - Leading Business & Motivational Speaker!
Christine Hamilton - Battleaxe or Pussycat - You Decide!
Penny Power – Founder of Ecademy!
Rob Brown – UK’s #1 Networking Master!
Julie Ziglar Norman - Leading Motivational Speaker!
Antony Hansen – Direct from WICKED in the West End!

What’s In It For You?

The GET MOTIVATED – Great Britain Seminar will give you and your team the latest proven information in the areas of:
• Leadership
• Goal setting & achievement
• Sales training
• Negotiation
• Finances & Investing
• Relationships
• Business strategies
• Motivation & Inspiration
• Communication skills

Plus your chance to win a FREE Holiday of a lifetime to Disneyland Florida.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

GET MOTIVATED Great Britain 2011 - Re-scheduled to 2nd April 2011

Dear Friends,

Press Release: 12:30hrs Tuesday 11th January 2011

GET MOTIVATED Great Britain 2011, which had been set to take place on Saturday 15th January 2011 at the LG Arena, NEC, Complex, Birmingham, has been postponed to Saturday 2nd April 2011 because of extreme weather conditions in the USA and the high risk of the American speakers not being able to attend the event.

"The reason for the rescheduling is totally down to the extreme weather the USA is currently experiencing," Phil Watts, Managing Director of The Success Bureau (promoter) confirmed. "We weighed up all the information we could get about the snow etc, and felt it would not be fair to our delegates to continue with the event on the 15th January 2011 with a very high risk that some, if not all of the American Speakers were not appearing.”

"We think it’s the fairest decision all round for delegates across the UK and even from other countries who will have to travel in.”

"I can only add how sorry I am that the weather has forced us to reschedule the event – We were all really looking forward to it but it can't be helped. As a gesture of goodwill, all existing ticket holders will receive a FREE copy of the GET MOTIVATED Great Britain 2011 Event Programme & Workbook on the day (RRP £10.00) We look forward to seeing you all on the 2nd April 2011."


As you can all imagine we were all very disappointed that the event had to be moved. However, on a positive note: We have had tremendous support from all our customers and all the speakers bar one. (Clearly, some speakers are in it for the money - not the positive impact they can have on other peoples lives! SHAME... Never mind... as a positive organisation we replaced them with PENNY POWER, a tremendous speaker, entrepreneur and founder of "The Ecademy Network".

Looking forward to seeing you all real soon.
Make this a tremendous day!
Andy Hansen